Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra Energy

What does Chakra mean to you? The word chakra is another word for energy. And that’s exactly what it is. Energy in your body that every one has, and can activate at any moment. It’s your body – you should know all that you can about it. This is just one of the centers of energy that we all possess. There are six other energy centers that are located along the spine and some energy centers are located outside of the body, below and above, which are considered part of our aura which can extend to around 5 or six feet in a radius from front to back, and side to side.

Although there are endless ways to activate your Root Chakra Energy, one of my favorite ways to do it, is through exercise. Since Root Chakra represents support and grounding, it is easy to visualize a red glowing energy at the base of your spine, glowing and expanding down, through your groin, down past your quadriceps and calves, and grounding your Root Energy with the Earth. Visualize each magnet at the bottom of your feet and connecting red glowing energy down into the Earth.

Once this connection is made, your activation is complete. Grow your glow with Root Chakra Energy, while exercising, will motivate you to continue your strength training and endurance.

For instance, try growing your glow, while performing a power squat with small dumbbells, about 5 or 8 lbs each. Ground your energy with Root Chakra Energy, either feel your glow or visualize your glow from your spine and pubic bone, and stream this energy through both legs, into your feet and straight into the ground. Think of stable, firm legs with perfect structure and perfect strength, keeping your lower body stacked with a neutral spine. Your foundation can take you places! Once you do this physically, you can bring this foundational feeling into all realms of your life!

I was just taking a walk outside and visiting my tree friends in the nearby forest. Trees can teach you many things. The lessons I have been learning are how to visualize Root Chakra Energy and how I can explain it to others. Think of your favorite tree. How the roots protrude from the ground and how they continue to thrive in their own unique way. Sound familiar? How do you branch out? How good do you feel when you have your roots planted into the ground, standing firmly? Grow your glow with Root Chakra Energy and like a tree, you can feel your energy grow within you and bring confidence and positive energy into your life every day!

Develop your Fitness Boxing Routine with Solar Plexus Power

So, I was at the gym the other day and I was ready to do my cardio cross training with my fitness boxing routine. I wanted to add a little purpose to my boxing routine. Lately, I’ve been incorporating my chakra energy into my workouts which links the spiritual and purpose-focused energy, with a physical exercise. Today, it was Solar Plexus Chakra energy melded with boxing. It was a synchronistic moment as the bag was yellow which is the color of Solar Plexus Chakra.

A little about Solar Plexus Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra is the energy center right below the rib cage and about three inches above the navel. It is associated with the stomach, diaphragm which aids in breathing and the middle spine on the prone side. The qualities that are associated with Solar are Personal Power, Will, Determination and Self Worth.

Boxing and personal power — igniting your inner flame? It’s the perfect combination.

So try this: Stand in boxing stance, left foot in front, right foot slightly back and to the right, hips turned at a slight right diagonal angle to your bag. Visualize your yellow spinning energy at your Solar Plexus location. Feel your warmth as it rushes in and your arms come up in boxing position. Start with your one, two punch, making sure to rotate your right foot while engaging your right arm and hand to punch the bag on your two count. When you hit the bag, visualize and feel your energy from your solar plexus shoot from your mid section, through your arm out your glove and into the bag. Feel your determination, and focus, ignite. Spin from within your yellow chakra energy.

I promise you, you will come out a different person, just by engaging your Solar Plexus Chakra during your boxing routine.

Have fun with it and let me know how it goes!

When your car breaks down right in front of a auto repair place, it’s divine intervention

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The way this story unfolded last week, I truly believe it was divine intervention by my Angel guides.

Last Monday, I was supposed to go to a physical therapy appointment in La Grangeville, NY at 11:00 am. It was July 5 which my job observed as the 4th of July, but earlier in the morning, my husband wanted to go to a popular lake upstate, so I called the PT to cancel the appointment. She said she was going to have to charge me anyway because their cancellation policy is 48 hours. I reluctantly cancelled the appointment. Then, when my husband got back from the gym, the sky didn’t look so bright and sunny as we thought. So we decided to cancel the lake too.

Meanwhile, I called my PT back and said I could make it today, but she would be in Pawling, later on, so I said, just send me the address and I’ll see her at 2:00 pm.

I was just about to get there after passing over an apparent shorter route over a mountain, landed on Route 22 and slowed to turn in, when I noticed a huge Cadillac dealer on the left. I said to myself, oh, that’s good to know, as I slowly came to my turn and pulled in. Right before turning my engine off, I heard a fan noise coming from my car and then a message on my dashboard read “Hot Engine AC Off”. That was alarming. I really didn’t want to drive on the highway with a message coming up like that. I was also trying to reach my husband to get his opinion, but I found out later, he didn’t have his phone on.

After my PT appointment, I got in my car, turned the ignition on, and that fan was running again. I said to myself, well, I guess I’m going to the Cadillac place to have them take a look. My car happens to be a 2012 CTS so I drove right up to the garage door, rolled down my window and a nice guy said, “Do you have an appointment?” I said, I’ve never been here before but there was something definitely wrong with my car, and I wanted to see what the problem was. He spoke to me very kindly and showed me in while they brought my car into the garage.

It wasn’t even ten minutes, another man came up to me and informed me that I have some sort of leak and that they have to keep my car for up to three days, possibly. I was in total shock, and I felt like I was in a daze. I was just about to call my daughter, as I realized I would be stranded there and all of a sudden, the man says, “Oh, we just got the loaner back, you can have that to drive back”. I was totally astounded. Most people would be like, “I can’t believe this is happening, why does this happen to me . . . .” But I was so appreciative and positive, I had such an easy experience with the whole thing. Next thing you know, they were asking me for my driver’s license, insurance and my credit card. Not a big deal. I signed on the dotted line and in less then a half an hour, I was back on the road going back home.

I was still in total shock, but the moral of this story, is to stay positive and calm about a distraught experience, and you will be taken care of by your guardian angels and God. In less then 24 hours, I had my car back with an inspection to boot!

Yes, I do believe it was divine intervention because I wasn’t even suppose to be in that town all day and the circumstances brought me to new opportunities that led me there. I believe in messages from God. I do read inspirational affirmations, I do gratitude exercises often and I have many conversations with God and my gatekeeper while in bed at the end of the night or early in the morning. I believe messages are all around us. In songs, in animals and in amazing experiences such as this one. No stress was involved in this experience and everything worked out positively.

Try changing your mindset at the beginning of the day and see what happens throughout the day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

How You Can Use Root Chakra Energy while working out at the Gym

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The other day, I got to the gym and decided to try out the treadmill. I usually go on the stationary bike or the rowing machine for my 15 min cardio, but I figured, let me go outside of my box today. So, I started walking with only about 1.5 speed and no hill at all.

I broke my left fibula on May 3, while I had some serious, high heels on, and without holding onto the railing, I gracefully and dangerously descended the stone staircase. Fast forward, seven weeks and I am on the treadmill, moving slowly and cautiously on a flat moving surface.

What I have been doing differently, in the last year, is exercise with purpose. Today, although the modality was different, the method is the same. My tread is anything but boring, as I visualize my glowing, red energy at the base of my spine. As I pick up the pace slowly, but solidly, I envision my energy generating through my lower spine and to the front of the pubic bone. This glowing energy is now spreading down my thighs, over my knees and into my calves. I feel strong and stable, as my knees perk up a bit, and I walk directly over my ankles. My toes are aligned straight onward, as if I know my path is the right way. I feel this energy as it connects with it, energizing and grounding through the floor. Now, I am walking with intent. I can move the speed a little higher. I feel all parts of my feet connecting strongly to the treadmill. I visualize my roots forming, like a vine of morning glory attaching to various directions. My energy is glowing and growing. I am Growing My Glow with Root Chakra Energy.

Try it sometime. Root Chakra Energy is all about foundation, stability, gaining confidence, finding your tribe and putting things into action. In essence, this is a moving meditation, and it works well for the multitaskers that like to accomplish more then one thing at a time.

Have fun with it. For more ways to Grow Your Glow, check out my book on Amazon, Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra Energy on Ebook or paperback.

Grow Your Glow with Strawberry Root Chakra Energy

I just had some positive memories about strawberries as I was eating them this morning. One of the chapters of my book explains how different foods can help you Grow your Red Root Chakra Glow while eating them. Well, strawberries is one of them! In my book, Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra Energy, I explain how you can use the Macrobiotic Concept of eating a food slowly which is really just another form of meditation. You are using all of your senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching your food. With that said, to grow your glow, you are using the red color of the strawberry and relating it to your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. Your positive energy flows there. It starts out as a small spinning wheel, turning clockwise and generating red, warm energy. When you eat that strawberry, you are adding the red strawberry energy to your Root Chakra.

Now, combining some good memories of strawberries just adds more positive energy to your Root Chakra. One memory that came to mind immediately for me, as I observed the strawberry in my hand, was when I used to step off the bus from a long day at school and spy these wild strawberries along the side of my driveway. Sometimes my neighbor’s mom would be there, and she would pluck a few for me. Some of the strawberry plant still had white flowers on them, ready to be morphed into strawberries in the weeks ahead. I remember feeling so happy just feeling that strawberry in my hand and tasting the sweetest flavor of my wild strawberry energy. Growing your Glow is easier then you thought!

I was able to keep that tradition going with my own children. I remember taking them to our local farm, on their last day of school, to pick ten pounds of strawberries for only $20.00! We would be in the field, I with my sun hat, and them running up and down the rows of strawberry fields. What happy moments!

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So, next time you have a strawberry in your hand, and your just about to take a bite, remember, that, just by thinking of a positive moment, you are literally putting that positive energy into the food that you are eating, and you are adding more energy to your Root Chakra. Feel your Heal with Root Chakra Energy and Grow Your Glow with positivity!

How Messages from the Universe come to you in divine and perfect timing.

I have to say, that this little story, has culminated into a giant story for me today. It is definitely an A-Ha moment for me, that I am so blessed to share with you.

About two years ago, I purchased a book on my Kindle about the basic nature of Shamanism. I was thrilled, when I bought it at the time, and I couldn’t wait to start reading it, which was going to be immediately. I have been very curious about Shamanism and I really just wanted to start out with the basics.

Needless to say, I couldn’t read it, the moment I opened it, at about the fourth page in. For some reason, the pages were entirely blank. I swished from one chapter to the next and all it showed on there was the page number on the bottom. I tried adjusting the X-Ray, the brightness, and any other adjustment I could find on my Kindle, but nothing resolved the issue.

So I just came to the conclusion that somebody up there didn’t want me to know this information yet. Every now and then, I would try, throughout the year, to see if it was just a glitch but to no avail. I actually forgot all about that book entirely. My Kindle was so old, I couldn’t see many book covers on it, and it was hard to navigate because it just was laboring a lot. But I didn’t want to disturb my routine of getting a new one.

Fast forward to the beginning of last week, I finally got a new Kindle! I figured, I’m going to be 50 next month, so why not? I had already bought a few books on my new one, when I realized this morning, oh, I wonder if I can read that book. Guess what? I just read the whole thing.

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I was really waiting for that information. I had a breakthrough when I read the part about how visualization is so important for a Shaman. How the shaman relies on visualization and imagination to rise into other dimensions and ultimately, help others along their path to healing and discovery.

There are so many messages out there, in every day of your existence. It really is amazing to me, and I feel so blessed to be apart of this grand Universe. I just released my first E-Book called Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra: How to actively manifest the mind/body connection, and visualization, is one of my tools to open up the Root Chakra. This message has been happening over and over again, in the past month or so. Confirming, again and again, that my message is meant to be out in this world for people to learn, and awaken their energy.

So, try to be attuned to any little thing that comes along. It can be a song, something you read, a butterfly flying by your nose, a thought that comes into your mind, a word you see somewhere that reminds you of someone or something. Just remember, your message is coming through from the Universe and it’s a positive message, meant directly, to you and the timing of that message, is exactly when Universe wants you to know about it.

Why I Always Take My Intuition Seriously

It all started during my journey of studying to be a Integrative Health Coach with the IIN, the largest nutrition school in the world. It was October 2019 and I had just come back from IIN 2019 LIVE, the weekend of October 12-13. What an exciting time that was, seeing all of the alumni from IIN. I didn’t know a soul but they were all like minded people like me, so I felt at home with everyone and all of the speakers.

With memories from that weekend still swirling in my head, I also had some homework to do with my course study. I had to start having various people fill out my health histories so I could start health coaching clients. This entailed handing out a three page form to my friends, family and acquaintances to find out their eating habits both bad and good, and if they had any medical history I should know about before embarking on a plan for the client.

I had been doing morning pages just about every day, which is a journal of every day events that I write in a notebook. I also started the practice of meditation at least once or twice a week to keep me as centered as possible. I think these activities helped me to fine tune my intuition, except I wasn’t really aware of the gifts that were blooming before me.

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So, I was thinking there was a particular lady that I wanted to get to fill out one of my health histories at the local gym that I go to. I planned on walking to her desk on the way out and explaining my health history, so that she can take a look and fill it out for me. I had this well rehearsed but it was still giving me some anxiety. When I got to her desk, I chickened out. I was like, oh, I’ll try again tomorrow. Next day came and I didn’t do it. In fact the whole week went by and I didn’t do it. Then, that very night, I was about to go to sleep and I kept hearing in my head, the lady’s name, over and over. When I heard it, I kept thinking, I only know one person with that name, but why do I keep hearing her name in my head?

The next day, I found out this lady had a stroke. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I could have prevented this by just giving her my health history. She was a working mom with two small kids and I know how moms put everyone before them, and your last on the list, to get a physical done on yourself. But, I really felt guilty from that. If she had that health history in her hand and read some of the questions, she may have realized that she should see a doctor especially if she wasn’t feeling that good at the time.

Anyway, the moral of this story, for me, is to trust your instincts. Your intuition is more powerful then you think! Especially if you hear voices loud and clear about a particular situation. Listen to them! I believe this was my Gatekeeper Angel trying to warn me about someone else’s issue. Ever since then, I don’t ignore any information that comes into my head or heart. I go with the flow and live in the present moment. I let the Universe and God lead me down the path of curiosity and the unknown. Intuition is something that you should always take seriously.

What an Oracle Really Means to Me

The first time I picked up an oracle, was at the bookstore my boyfriend was working at back in 1991. I thought it looked cool. It came in a blue velvet bag and the book that came with it, had a blue book cover with some strange symbols on the front. It turned out being a Rune set, which was a type of oracle that originated with the Celts. The symbols were used by the Vikings, at the time, and it was very interesting to read about the history of the markings. One was for Strength, another for Vitality, Fertility, etc. I mainly just played around with them, if I didn’t feel like watching TV or hanging out with my friends. I never really took it seriously.

But I was thinking about it one day a few months ago, when my friend was telling me how she was wildcrafting an oracle with a popular influencer on You Tube. It immediately brought me back to when I had these in my possession. I have been actively trying to locate them now, once I realized how long I had them. Another memory came up when I was going to Business School in Westchester County, NY. One of our assignments in Speech Class was that we had to talk about something that no one knows about at all. I immediately knew what I was going to be presenting. The Runes! I got an A in that class. It was fun to make the outline and talk about something no one knew about, not even the teacher!

I look on that now and realize how important those Runes were and how I didn’t know what I had, at the time or why it came to me. Now, I know these oracles are messages from the other side. Messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels and Gatekeeper. Now, I know, these are messages that come from energy and what to do next, in life, that can help determine direction and positive moves forward. How, the Universe arranges events for you, so that it happens in divine and perfect timing. How, you can get clues from your Oracles, in the very energies you are inquiring about. And I love this part, how they are always positive messages!

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Whether they be cards, tea leaves, charms, I Ching, Runes, shells, rocks, pendulums, herbs or anything you want to make, you are communicating with your personal Spirit or God with a positive message meant just for you in that moment of time. That’s a gift you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life.

You see, Spirit doesn’t have too many ways to communicate with Earthlings. They do it through messages. If you meditate or work on your Third Eye Chakra, you can see the messages everywhere. In songs, in things that people say, in animals, in intuitive gifts, but the one physical, tangible thing that you can relate to, is the oracle. If your energies are open to see these messages from the other side, which is just a thin veil between the worlds, you can help yourself, do your life differently!

My Story about Psychic Development and Synchronicity

Most of my ideas come from messages in the books I am currently reading, so if you are an avid reader, put some search words into a search engine and start reading or listening to a book because a lot of ideas (of which I call messages from the Universe) really can spark true psychic development or other magnificent gifts from the Universe.

It all started around the end of February, I started experiencing this electric shock feeling in my right leg, on the inside of my knee. I couldn’t figure out what it was but it kept getting stronger and lasted longer as the weeks progressed. Then I started telling my friends about it and someone scared me by saying it could be Shingles! So I called my doctor because the last episode I had was so strong and it lasted for about 8 to 10 seconds, it was really scaring me. I had searched on the Internet that it could be Shingles since some people feel an electric shock prior to the rash forming. But my doctor didn’t think I had it because I didn’t have a rash. So he ordered all of these blood tests.

In the meantime, I was getting desperate for this electric shock to not come back, so I started using my crystals and my Tibetan Bowl and placed it on my knee to let the vibration absorb into my body. I do believe in sound healing and I was desperate for this to go away. I also used my Tuning Forks.

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Needless to say, I never got the shocks again after I did that. By now, it was the the second week of March and very close to the first day of Spring. I decided to take a walk in my neighborhood. I decided to bring a cloth bag which contained some herbs, crystals and a small drum. I went to my special site, where there is a large tree and some pines nearby. This particular tree has a small hollow in one side of the trunk which I was able to nestle up into as if it was surrounding me like a soft couch. It was very welcoming and I had been reading books on plant intelligence so I decided to ask the tree what I could learn from it and what it could show me. I did some drumming for a while and then went home.

The following Wednesday was when I had the splitting headache. I never get headaches so this was very unusual for me. I couldn’t go to work. I took the day off and just laid down. I couldn’t get rid of it. Once it was nighttime, right after I got in bed, I silently spoke to my Gatekeeper and my angels and guides. Then I put my Amethyst on my forehead and went to bed.

The next day, I felt like a million bucks! I felt well rested and full of energy. I got ready for work but I kept smelling this strange smell. I was asking everyone about it all day! It was a smell no one else could smell! It’s a cross between wood and a mushroom, sort of a musty smell. I researched this and found that sometimes after people have a migraine, this can happen. But Intuitively, I think this was a gift that was bestowed upon me from the Tree Spirits, angel guides and ultimately, God and the Universe! I was also informed that the first day of Spring is when the thinning happens and magical energies are swimming about. All you have to do is be open to it and it’s such a wonderful surprise when it is gifted to you. I still get this psychic smell but I believe that I can smell negative energy from people and I also smell a clean smell which usually occurs when I am doing something that I am interested in like playing my guitar, meditating, reading cards, etc.

The main take-away from this, is that, you just have to be open to magical moments and embrace it. The Universe will ultimately surprise you with messages and gifts that only you will receive which will make you more unique and special. And it’s all by doing small inner work efforts, that will get you there.