Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra Energy

What does Chakra mean to you? The word chakra is another word for energy. And that’s exactly what it is. Energy in your body that every one has, and can activate at any moment. It’s your body – you should know all that you can about it. This is just one of the centers of energy that we all possess. There are six other energy centers that are located along the spine and some energy centers are located outside of the body, below and above, which are considered part of our aura which can extend to around 5 or six feet in a radius from front to back, and side to side.

Although there are endless ways to activate your Root Chakra Energy, one of my favorite ways to do it, is through exercise. Since Root Chakra represents support and grounding, it is easy to visualize a red glowing energy at the base of your spine, glowing and expanding down, through your groin, down past your quadriceps and calves, and grounding your Root Energy with the Earth. Visualize each magnet at the bottom of your feet and connecting red glowing energy down into the Earth.

Once this connection is made, your activation is complete. Grow your glow with Root Chakra Energy, while exercising, will motivate you to continue your strength training and endurance.

For instance, try growing your glow, while performing a power squat with small dumbbells, about 5 or 8 lbs each. Ground your energy with Root Chakra Energy, either feel your glow or visualize your glow from your spine and pubic bone, and stream this energy through both legs, into your feet and straight into the ground. Think of stable, firm legs with perfect structure and perfect strength, keeping your lower body stacked with a neutral spine. Your foundation can take you places! Once you do this physically, you can bring this foundational feeling into all realms of your life!

I was just taking a walk outside and visiting my tree friends in the nearby forest. Trees can teach you many things. The lessons I have been learning are how to visualize Root Chakra Energy and how I can explain it to others. Think of your favorite tree. How the roots protrude from the ground and how they continue to thrive in their own unique way. Sound familiar? How do you branch out? How good do you feel when you have your roots planted into the ground, standing firmly? Grow your glow with Root Chakra Energy and like a tree, you can feel your energy grow within you and bring confidence and positive energy into your life every day!

Author: hulalisa

Hi. I'm Lisa Ann Reda. I have many interests of which I am ready to talk about soon. I am an Integrative Health Coach specializing in Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Mind Fitness. I enjoy playing my guitar, reading books, gardening and herbalism. I currently love to research quantum physics, plant intelligence, chakras, crystals and sound healing. I am currently writing my first book of my Grow Your Glow Series on how to manifest the Root Chakra into every day routines. My health coaching company is Nutrition Intuition. You can find out more information at:

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