How You Can Use Root Chakra Energy while working out at the Gym

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The other day, I got to the gym and decided to try out the treadmill. I usually go on the stationary bike or the rowing machine for my 15 min cardio, but I figured, let me go outside of my box today. So, I started walking with only about 1.5 speed and no hill at all.

I broke my left fibula on May 3, while I had some serious, high heels on, and without holding onto the railing, I gracefully and dangerously descended the stone staircase. Fast forward, seven weeks and I am on the treadmill, moving slowly and cautiously on a flat moving surface.

What I have been doing differently, in the last year, is exercise with purpose. Today, although the modality was different, the method is the same. My tread is anything but boring, as I visualize my glowing, red energy at the base of my spine. As I pick up the pace slowly, but solidly, I envision my energy generating through my lower spine and to the front of the pubic bone. This glowing energy is now spreading down my thighs, over my knees and into my calves. I feel strong and stable, as my knees perk up a bit, and I walk directly over my ankles. My toes are aligned straight onward, as if I know my path is the right way. I feel this energy as it connects with it, energizing and grounding through the floor. Now, I am walking with intent. I can move the speed a little higher. I feel all parts of my feet connecting strongly to the treadmill. I visualize my roots forming, like a vine of morning glory attaching to various directions. My energy is glowing and growing. I am Growing My Glow with Root Chakra Energy.

Try it sometime. Root Chakra Energy is all about foundation, stability, gaining confidence, finding your tribe and putting things into action. In essence, this is a moving meditation, and it works well for the multitaskers that like to accomplish more then one thing at a time.

Have fun with it. For more ways to Grow Your Glow, check out my book on Amazon, Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra Energy on Ebook or paperback.

Author: hulalisa

Hi. I'm Lisa Ann Reda. I have many interests of which I am ready to talk about soon. I am an Integrative Health Coach specializing in Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Mind Fitness. I enjoy playing my guitar, reading books, gardening and herbalism. I currently love to research quantum physics, plant intelligence, chakras, crystals and sound healing. I am currently writing my first book of my Grow Your Glow Series on how to manifest the Root Chakra into every day routines. My health coaching company is Nutrition Intuition. You can find out more information at:

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