Grow Your Glow with Strawberry Root Chakra Energy

I just had some positive memories about strawberries as I was eating them this morning. One of the chapters of my book explains how different foods can help you Grow your Red Root Chakra Glow while eating them. Well, strawberries is one of them! In my book, Grow Your Glow with Root Chakra Energy, I explain how you can use the Macrobiotic Concept of eating a food slowly which is really just another form of meditation. You are using all of your senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching your food. With that said, to grow your glow, you are using the red color of the strawberry and relating it to your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. Your positive energy flows there. It starts out as a small spinning wheel, turning clockwise and generating red, warm energy. When you eat that strawberry, you are adding the red strawberry energy to your Root Chakra.

Now, combining some good memories of strawberries just adds more positive energy to your Root Chakra. One memory that came to mind immediately for me, as I observed the strawberry in my hand, was when I used to step off the bus from a long day at school and spy these wild strawberries along the side of my driveway. Sometimes my neighbor’s mom would be there, and she would pluck a few for me. Some of the strawberry plant still had white flowers on them, ready to be morphed into strawberries in the weeks ahead. I remember feeling so happy just feeling that strawberry in my hand and tasting the sweetest flavor of my wild strawberry energy. Growing your Glow is easier then you thought!

I was able to keep that tradition going with my own children. I remember taking them to our local farm, on their last day of school, to pick ten pounds of strawberries for only $20.00! We would be in the field, I with my sun hat, and them running up and down the rows of strawberry fields. What happy moments!

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So, next time you have a strawberry in your hand, and your just about to take a bite, remember, that, just by thinking of a positive moment, you are literally putting that positive energy into the food that you are eating, and you are adding more energy to your Root Chakra. Feel your Heal with Root Chakra Energy and Grow Your Glow with positivity!

Author: hulalisa

Hi. I'm Lisa Ann Reda. I have many interests of which I am ready to talk about soon. I am an Integrative Health Coach specializing in Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Mind Fitness. I enjoy playing my guitar, reading books, gardening and herbalism. I currently love to research quantum physics, plant intelligence, chakras, crystals and sound healing. I am currently writing my first book of my Grow Your Glow Series on how to manifest the Root Chakra into every day routines. My health coaching company is Nutrition Intuition. You can find out more information at:

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