What an Oracle Really Means to Me

The first time I picked up an oracle, was at the bookstore my boyfriend was working at back in 1991. I thought it looked cool. It came in a blue velvet bag and the book that came with it, had a blue book cover with some strange symbols on the front. It turned out being a Rune set, which was a type of oracle that originated with the Celts. The symbols were used by the Vikings, at the time, and it was very interesting to read about the history of the markings. One was for Strength, another for Vitality, Fertility, etc. I mainly just played around with them, if I didn’t feel like watching TV or hanging out with my friends. I never really took it seriously.

But I was thinking about it one day a few months ago, when my friend was telling me how she was wildcrafting an oracle with a popular influencer on You Tube. It immediately brought me back to when I had these in my possession. I have been actively trying to locate them now, once I realized how long I had them. Another memory came up when I was going to Business School in Westchester County, NY. One of our assignments in Speech Class was that we had to talk about something that no one knows about at all. I immediately knew what I was going to be presenting. The Runes! I got an A in that class. It was fun to make the outline and talk about something no one knew about, not even the teacher!

I look on that now and realize how important those Runes were and how I didn’t know what I had, at the time or why it came to me. Now, I know these oracles are messages from the other side. Messages from your Spirit Guides, Angels and Gatekeeper. Now, I know, these are messages that come from energy and what to do next, in life, that can help determine direction and positive moves forward. How, the Universe arranges events for you, so that it happens in divine and perfect timing. How, you can get clues from your Oracles, in the very energies you are inquiring about. And I love this part, how they are always positive messages!

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Whether they be cards, tea leaves, charms, I Ching, Runes, shells, rocks, pendulums, herbs or anything you want to make, you are communicating with your personal Spirit or God with a positive message meant just for you in that moment of time. That’s a gift you’ll want to cherish for the rest of your life.

You see, Spirit doesn’t have too many ways to communicate with Earthlings. They do it through messages. If you meditate or work on your Third Eye Chakra, you can see the messages everywhere. In songs, in things that people say, in animals, in intuitive gifts, but the one physical, tangible thing that you can relate to, is the oracle. If your energies are open to see these messages from the other side, which is just a thin veil between the worlds, you can help yourself, do your life differently!

Author: hulalisa

Hi. I'm Lisa Ann Reda. I have many interests of which I am ready to talk about soon. I am an Integrative Health Coach specializing in Sleep Hygiene, Nutrition, Physical Fitness and Mind Fitness. I enjoy playing my guitar, reading books, gardening and herbalism. I currently love to research quantum physics, plant intelligence, chakras, crystals and sound healing. I am currently writing my first book of my Grow Your Glow Series on how to manifest the Root Chakra into every day routines. My health coaching company is Nutrition Intuition. You can find out more information at: www.Nutritionintuition.help.

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